Level 3 Listening/Speaking

  • language: English
  • duration: 4 weeks
  • start date: 5:00 AM Aug. 13 2019
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About this Course

This course focuses on basic English communication skills for beginning English learners. Topics covered include presentations and applications for asking and answering questions.

Course Objectives

3.LS.1 Identify and verbally produce statements of fact and opinion.

3.LS.2 Take notes from a variety of sources using various graphic organizers.

3.LS.3 Deliver a planned presentation on class topics.

3.LS.4 Deliver an impromptu presentation on class topics.

Integrated Objectives

3.G.1 Produce affirmative and negative simple statements and questions with simple past verbs.

3.G.2 Produce past time clauses in sentences (before, after, as soon as, while, and when).

3.G.3 Produce affirmative and negative simple sentences and questions with past progressive verbs.

3.G.4 Produce simple sentences and respond to questions with can, could, be able to, and know how to.

3.G.5 Produce compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, and so).

3.RW.1 Produce writing plans using graphic organizers.

3.RW.2 Identify facts and opinions within a paragraph.

3.RW.3 Identify main ideas and distinguish from supporting details in short passages.

3.RW.4 Produce descriptive and opinion paragraphs that include topic sentences, detailed supporting sentences, effective transitions, concluding sentences, and proper punctuation and capitalization. 

For the course syllabus, student forms, and policies, please refer to Student Resources on the TLC website.


  • Week 1
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • CW: Note Taking #1: Word Web 3.LS.2

    • Attendance

    • CW: Note Taking #2: Word Web 3.LS.2

    • CW: Q&A and Discussion

    • Attendance

    • Eval: Mini Note Taking Quiz: Word Web 3.LS.2

    • CW: Note Taking #3 3.LS.2

  • Week 2
    • Attendance

    • CW: Note Taking #4 3.LS.2

  • Week 3
  • Week 4

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